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Safe and Reliable

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Easy Installation

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24/7 Monitoring

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High Compatibility

Outdoor portable power supply

can be used for outdoor portable, plug and play

Support household energy storage

3 parallel units can meet the demand for household storage, easy to install

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Low initial investment cost

customers choose on demand, high flexibility

Accept customisation

appearance and display can be customised---ODM&OEM.


Balcony Solar System

Customers can install small-scale photovoltaic panels on balconies or courtyards to supply power to their homes through Power Cube.

Easy installation

Power Cube can be easily connected to the home power grid without complicated installation. In areas with grid-connected restrictions, the accessory CT sensor can cooperate with the user APP to limit the grid-connected power of Power Cube.

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Technical Specifications

Nominal Energy2.5kWh3.68kWh
Usable Energy2.5 kWh3.68kWh
ScalabilityMax. 6 in parallel (15kWh)Max. 6 in parallel (22kWh)
Dimension (W x H x D)

540mm ×295mm×360mm


Warranty10 Years10 Years

Rated AC voltage

48 V51.2 V

Operating Voltage Range



Max. Power1.6 kW1.6 kW
Compacted LFP chemistry significantly improve energy voltage and achieve better cost performance.
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Fast and Simple Online Quoting

Our easy-to-use interface offers an average one-day upload-to-quote lead time (simple design quoting in as fast as one hour).

Balcony System Technical Expertise

Work with our team of engineering experts that offer technical design guidance and can inform you on manufacturability and cost-saving opportunities.

Expansive Capacity

With more than 30+ automated machines all under one roof, we’re dedicated to continuously evolving our capabilities.

Reliable Delivery

High-quality products delivered within our thirty-day standard lead time.

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Maximum Energy Self-consumption

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can BST's Balcony Solar System be customized to my needs?

 Yes, BST’s Balcony Solar System can be customized to meet your specific needs. Regardless of the size or structure of your balcony or your particular electricity requirements, our engineering team can design and install the most suitable solution for you. We are committed to providing personalized service to ensure optimal solar energy utilization.

Besides the Balcony Solar System, what other functions and products does BST offer?

In addition to the Balcony Solar System, BST offers home energy storage systems and portable outdoor power supplies. Our home energy storage systems help you use stored solar power at night or during power outages, enhancing energy independence and security. Our portable outdoor power supplies are ideal for travel, camping, and other outdoor activities, providing reliable power support wherever you go.

What types of balconies are suitable for BST's Balcony Solar System? ?

BST’s Balcony Solar System is suitable for various types of balconies, including open balconies, enclosed balconies, and semi-enclosed balconies. The system is designed to be flexible and can be customized to fit the size and structure of your balcony, ensuring maximum utilization of sunlight.

Do I need professional installation for the Balcony Solar System? ?

 Yes, we highly recommend professional installation. Although the system is designed for ease of use, professional installers can ensure safety and optimal performance by correctly handling electrical connections and system calibration. Additionally, our installation service is covered under the warranty, ensuring long-term reliable operation.

What is the lifespan of BST's Balcony Solar System ?

The BST Balcony Solar System is designed to last for over 25 years. We use high-quality materials and the latest manufacturing technologies to ensure the system’s reliability under various weather conditions. We also offer a 10-year product warranty for added peace of mind.

How much electricity can the Balcony Solar System generate ?

The electricity output depends on the size of your balcony and the sunlight conditions. Typically, a standard system can meet part of a household’s electricity needs, such as lighting, phone charging, and small appliances. We offer various sizes and configurations, so you can choose a system that fits your requirements.

Do I need government approval or permits to install the Balcony Solar System?

This depends on the regulations in your country or region. In some places, installing a solar system may require approval or permits from relevant authorities. We recommend consulting your local government or relevant departments before purchasing. Our sales team can also provide related advice and support.

Does the Balcony Solar System support grid-tied power generation?

Yes, our Balcony Solar System supports grid-tied power generation. The system includes an inverter that converts solar power into AC power for home use, and any excess electricity can be fed back into the grid. This can help reduce your electricity bills and contribute to green energy.