Safety Starts with the Details

We at BST Power are battery manufacturing professionals, which is why we have a department specializing in quality control to guarantee the quality of the products that we provide. Our quality control and manufacturing departments​ work in tandem in each and every phase and process, together they ensure the quality of the final product.

Raw Material Incoming Testing

Raw Material Incoming Testing

Raw material control procedures also allow for effective raw material traceability which is essential for guaranteeing product quality and performance claims. We have a close rapport with our preferred suppliers who understand our quality requirements and work with us to assure materials meet our high standards.

Manufacturing Control

Manufacturing procedures are established for each individual product. Throughout the manufacturing and packaging stages there are in-process checks to make sure all products are being manufactured to meet specified parameters.

Standard Operating Procedures govern each manufacturing operation and are routinely reviewed to maximize efficiency while maintaining quality. Line clearances and room clean up are done at the conclusion of each run, to keep each patch of products are under good preservation.

Quality Control 01

BST Power In-House Testings

Peel Force Testing
Air Tightness Testing
Aging Testing
Size Testing
Final Inspection before Shipment
Battery Pack Checking
Function Inspection
Performance Inspection

BST Power Quality Files