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BST Power: Reliable Provider of Sustainable BESS Products & One-stop Solutions

BST has been devoted to renewable energy development to build a cleaner, more harmonious and sustainable energy world.

Substantial Safety

S+ grade safety and reliability

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Talented R & D

Extreme power innovation

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Intelligent BST Cloud

24/7 intelligent battery monitoring

Intelligent and Sustainable Energy System

We're The Battery Energy Storage System Expert.

Battery Modules
Wall Mounted Batteries
Power Station Batteries
Hybrid Inverters
Lead Acid Replacement Batteries

Battery Energy Storage System >

Battery Energy Storage System >

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Battery Cells
Powerful and Reliable Cell

Versatile Battery Cells Portfolio to Meet all Your Application Needs.

BESS Solution Provider

More Than 20 Years of Experience

In 2002, our product line was launched focusing on battery cells. Today, we offer various services from customization of our standard battery pack line to one-stop BESS solutions. For over 20 years, BST’s longer-lasting batteries and systems have provided critical safety applications, back-up power and propulsion for our customers.

As a leading battery company, BST’s innovative, safe, and reliable technology delivers high performance on Battery Energy Storage Systems and Battery Cells.

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Clean Energy Creates Sustainable Life

Storing renewable energy so that it can be used not only when produced, but when it is needed, is one of the greatest barriers to the clean energy transition. Energy storage is the missing link in the sustainable energy system.

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What’s NEW at BST Power

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