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Tailored Battery Energy Storage Solutions for Leading Global Industries

At BST, we specialize in custom-designed battery systems that cater to the needs of global industry leaders in sectors such as power, lighting, transportation, automation, and specialized industries. With over 20 years of experience in BESS research and development, we have partnered with more than 100 companies to bring their concepts to mass production.

Unlocking Your Full Customization Need with BST:

BST Provides Multiple OEM/ODM Custom Battery Options

Experience the full range of BST’s OEM/ODM customization services from battery performance, appearance to function to meet your unique needs.


Performance Customization


Appearance Customization


Function Customization

Customized Solutions for Diverse Sectors

We offer tailored solutions to meet specific needs across various industries, extending to residential, commercial & industrial, and more, ensuring customized solutions that cover all your unique requirements.

Residential Energy Storage
C & I Energy Storage
Medical Facility
Solar Tracker
Solar Street Light

Empowering Custom Battery Solutions with Technical Excellence

Autonomous BMS Development

BST’s autonomous BMS development empowers your customized energy storage solutions with cutting-edge technology and unrivaled expertise.

Fully Automated Battery Pack Manufacturing

Experience seamless manufacturing processes as BST’s fully automated production ensures precision, reliability, and accelerated delivery of your customized battery packs.

21 Years of Expertise in the Battery Field

With 21 years of deep industry knowledge, BST guarantees the highest safest standards for your customized energy storage systems, providing unmatched performance and peace of mind.

Seamless Integration with BST Cloud System

Access advanced functionalities and real-time monitoring as your customized energy storage products seamlessly integrate into our state-of-the-art BST Cloud system network, enabling enhanced control and management.

How One-Stop Custom BESS Solutions Are Bron

Our one-stop custom service includes expert technical evaluation, sample development by our R&D team, and a streamlined process that saves you time and effort.

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis

BST experts provide free consultation on how to accomplish your battery pack concepts and rough specifications.

Proposal and Quotation

Proposal and Quotation

We offer detailed proposals and competitive quotations for your customized battery solution.

Battery Cells Manufacturing Process - X-ray

R&D and Prototyping

Our experienced team conducts research and development to transform your ideas into functional battery samples.

Battery Modules Manufacturing Process - Laser Welding

Mass Production

We ensure efficient and high-quality production in full-automated battery manufacturing line to meet your volume requirements.

Quality Inspection and Certification

Quality Inspection and Certification

Rigorous in-house quality inspections and third-party lab testing certifications guarantee the reliability and safety of our customized battery systems.

Timely Delivery

Timely Delivery

We prioritize prompt delivery to ensure your custom orders reach you on time.

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