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Never Run Out of Power Again:

Battery Energy Storage System

BST all-in-one battery energy storage system is similar to a miniature energy storage power station, adopting a flexible battery modular design and integrates inverter, and UPS management systems to create an efficient, safe and intelligent residential BESS.

It not only be self-charged in the case of power outages, but also configures intelligent operation schemes for electricity consumption habits and peak-valley electricity prices, bringing an economic, safe and convenient operation experience to the family.

Peak Shaving

CO2 Reduction

Manage Energy Costs

Reliable Backup Power

Grid Independence

BESS Product Series

BST Power provides the most optional energy solution for the clients using our state-of-the-art energy storage system with a long lifespan and a top-notch quality.

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Battery Energy Storage System Explained

BST BESS is simple, safe, and smart all the way. The system is made of our high voltage lithium-ion batteries, Battery Management System to guarantee long battery life, and highly efficient inverters.

Due to its modular design, our system can be tailored to your needs and to different capacities. We offer both a complete turnkey BESS and the possibility to integrate our BESS into a larger system installation and to additional energy sources, such as solar and wind. In any case, we deliver a solution compliant with specific project demands and all required grid codes.

With BST BESS, you have full control of your system. Even at a distance. Our Fleet Management enables you to monitor, update and configure your BESS remotely.

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Battery Modules Manufacturing Process - Laser Welding

BST BESS consists of our Battery Cabinets with a capacity of 146 kWh, Inverter Cabinets with one 70 kW bi-directional inverter per Battery Cabinet, and AC-Interface Cabinets that house our BST Controller, switch gear with protection devices, contractors, AC fuses, optional rectifiers, and any site-specific equipment needed. All cabinets are fitted for both indoor and outdoor installation.

The BESS is scalable from 146 kWh and 70 kW to 1 MWh and 0.5 MW per system, as well as to 20 MWh and 10 MW at a site.

Battery Energy Storage System: Energize Your Possibilities


Enhanced Performance for Power-Hungry Devices

BST battery energy storage systems excel in powering devices that require a significant amount of energy. Their advanced technology and higher voltage output ensure optimal performance, enabling power-hungry devices to operate efficiently and deliver their full potential. Whether it’s home energy storage, high-power tools, or industrial equipment, BST BESS meets the demanding energy requirements of these devices.


Extended Battery Life

BST battery energy storage systems are known for their impressive energy density, allowing them to store a substantial amount of power. This results in extended battery life, enabling devices to operate for longer durations before needing a recharge. The exceptional battery life provided by BST BESS enhances convenience, improves productivity, and minimizes downtime.


Reliable and Stable Power Supply

With BST battery energy storage systems, you can count on a reliable and stable power supply. These batteries are designed using advanced LiFePO4 (Lithium-iron) technology and ensure consistent voltage output, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operation of devices. The reliability and stability of BST BESS are particularly crucial in critical applications where even a slight power fluctuation can lead to disruptions or damage.


Safe and Environmentally-Friendly Option

BST battery energy storage systems prioritize safety. They are built with multiple safety features, including overcharge protection, thermal management systems, and built-in safeguards against short circuits. These safety measures minimize the risk of accidents or battery malfunctions, providing peace of mind during use. Furthermore, BST BESS are environmentally friendly, as they do not contain hazardous heavy metals like lead or cadmium.


Versatile Applications in Various Industries

BST battery energy storage systems find versatile applications across a wide range of industries. They are utilized in home energy storage, in renewable energy systems for storing solar energy, in medical equipment for reliable energy supply, and in numerous other sectors. The versatility of BST BESS makes them adaptable to diverse power requirements and allows for innovation in various fields.

Let Us Manage Your Energy

You no longer have to think about your energy costs or timing of energy usage. By adding our Energy Management System to your BESS, BST can operate your system and optimize your energy consumption. Automatically and without interruption.

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Utilizing the latest production technology and components, our products are at the forefront of power technology.

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