BST Solar Street Light Project in France

Sectors: The Solar Street Light

Location: France

The solar street light project


The solar street light project is a road lighting system powered by a solar light source, which is environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and sustainable. In terms of project scale, the number of solar street lights to be installed and their distribution can be determined according to actual needs. This may involve consideration of factors such as road length, traffic density and lighting requirements.


In the design of solar streetlights, the BST cells use a calcium titanite structure which is capable of efficiently converting solar light sources into electrical energy and has the following characteristics:

  • Reliability:

BST cells are designed and manufactured under rigorous quality control and testing to ensure their performance and reliability. They are able to operate properly in a wide range of climatic conditions, including environments such as high temperatures, low temperatures and humidity.

  • Stability:

BST cells maintain high electrical energy conversion efficiency over their lifetime and are able to withstand long-term use and frequent light changes. They have a fast response time to changes in light intensity and are able to output power consistently.


The choice of high quality BST cells for PV modules in solar street lighting projects ensures reliability and stability. These cells usually have a long service life and are able to work effectively even with limited solar resources. Also, for the size and needs of the project, the overall performance and reliability of the solar street lighting system can be ensured by proper layout and design.

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