The BST Group’s Direction for Residential Energy Storage in the Next 5 Years


With the growing demand for energy and the rapid development of renewable energy sources, BST Group is committed to becoming a leading company in residential energy storage. In the next five years, BST Group will focus on energy storage product development, the creation of BST Cloud Space, and the promotion of the BST brand in order to achieve continuous innovation and development of its home energy storage business.

I. Energy Storage Product Development

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BST Group will increase its investment in the research and development of home energy storage products and continue to introduce more efficient and reliable energy storage devices. Through continuous innovation and technological breakthroughs, the BST Group will aim to develop a more competitive product range to meet the growing needs of consumers. These include:

1.1 High-capacity energy storage systems: BST Group will develop higher capacity, smaller home energy storage systems to meet the growing demand for home energy storage. These systems will have higher energy densities and longer lifetimes, providing reliable energy storage solutions.

1.2 Smart Energy Management Systems: The BST Group will further improve its intelligent energy management systems to provide smarter energy monitoring and control functions. Through integration with home energy systems, these systems will be able to monitor energy usage in real time and automatically optimize energy storage and utilization, helping households to achieve efficient energy management.

II. BST Cloud Space Creation

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BST Group will build a new BST Cloud Space to provide cloud-based support and services for home energy storage systems. This cloud space will enable centralized management and interconnection of data by connecting home energy systems and smart devices. the main functions of the BST cloud space include:

2.1 Remote monitoring and control: Home users can monitor and control their home energy storage systems anytime and anywhere through a mobile application or web interface. Users can understand energy usage in real-time, adjust energy storage and release strategies, and realize intelligent management of energy.

2.2 Data analysis and optimization: BST CloudSpace will collect and analyze data on household energy use, optimize energy storage and utilization through intelligent algorithms, and provide users with personalized energy management recommendations. Users can maximize the use of renewable energy and reduce energy costs according to their own needs.

III. BST Brand Promotion

BST Group will increase its brand promotion efforts to enhance its visibility and market share in the domestic energy storage sector. Through multi-channel publicity and marketing activities, BST will establish a strong connection with consumers and improve brand awareness and brand value. the main strategies for BST brand promotion include:

3.1 Media promotion: BST Group will cooperate with mainstream media to widely promote its home energy storage products and solutions through TV, radio, and internet channels. At the same time, BST will actively participate in industry exhibitions and forums to showcase the latest technologies and products and engage in in-depth communication with industry experts and consumers.

3.2 Social media promotion: BST Group will strengthen its brand promotion on social media platforms, interacting and communicating with users by posting content and case studies on home energy storage. bst will build an active and dynamic social media community to provide information and support to users and build brand image and credibility.


In summary, over the next five years, the BST Group will continue to drive innovation and development in the home energy storage business by focusing on energy storage product development, BST cloud space creation, and BST brand promotion. Through technological advancement and market expansion, BST Group will provide home users with more efficient and intelligent energy solutions, promote the popularisation and utilization of sustainable energy and help build a clean and low-carbon future society.

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