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Wall Mounted Battery - Making Better Use of Energy Storage Power

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High Compatibility

BST Power Configurations

Easily expand household energy by adding an additional wall-mounted battery at any time.

Technical Specifications

Nominal Energy5.12 kWh10.24 kWh
Usable Energy5.12 kWh10.24 kWh
ScalabilityMax. 10 in parallel (51.2kWh)Max. 10 in parallel (102.4kWh)
Dimension (W x H x D)480 x 700 x 145 mm520 x 1000 x 145 mm
Warranty10 Years10 Years
Nominal Voltage51.2 V51.2 V
Operating Voltage Range43.2~56.8 V43.2 ~ 56.8 V
Max. Power5 kW6 kW

Wall Mounted Battery

Compacted LFP chemistry significantly improve energy voltage and achieve better cost performance.
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